WordPress Speed Optimization Guide

Having a fast website is very important because it’s important for search engine optimization as well as it improves user experience. If your website loads faster then it is most likely that user will not click the back button and go to other sites. In the other hand, If your website loads slower then it is more likely that they will click the back button and go to other websites because In the busy world, no one is here to wait for your site to load.

Now, If you are interested in knowing about the WordPress Speed Optimization then welcome to our WordPress Speed Optimization Complete Guide where you will get to know everything about How to speed up your WordPress Website.

Note :- This article is not sponsored by any company. These are all the steps that we take to improve performance of our sites and our clients website. If you don’t have time to do it yourself then contact us. We will do it for you 🙂

Enough bragging, Now coming to the topic WordPress speed optimization.

Here’s our agenda. Firstly, I will be showing you How can you check the speed of your WordPress Website after that I will show you How can you improve it and make is load in less than 3 seconds.

How To Check your WordPress Website Speed?

There are lots of tool available on the internet to check the speed of your WordPress website but I recommend these three tools. Here’s the list.

  • Google Pagespeed Insights
  • GTmetrix
  • Pingdom

These three tools are more than enough to understand What’s going wrong with your site speed and they also give suggestions on how to improve it.

You don’t have to go with any paid tools because I don’t think it’s required. I am working with WordPress from more than 3 years and I haven’t tried any paid tool to measure Website speed and You don’t have to try it too.

Lets check these tool one by one and then we will move further.

1. Pagespeed Insights By Google

It’s completely free tool by Google to check the speed of any webpage. It is very simple tool. Just go to the Pagespeed Insights Tool and put your URL there and click the analyze button.

Google Pagespeed Insights - WordPress Speed Optimization
Google Pagespeed Insights – WordPress Speed Optimization

Pagespeed Insight will take few seconds and after that It will give a score depending on how your website is performing. It will show you a lot more than just site speed performance.

Result In Google Pagespeed Insights - WordPress Speed Optimization
Result In Google Pagespeed Insights – WordPress Speed Optimization

This tool will show your site performance on mobile phone as well as on desktop. As you scroll down It will also list some suggestion that you can follow or implement to get better website speed.

This was all about Google Pagespeed Insight. It’s very useful tool. I use it and I recommend you to use it too.

2. GTmetrix

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